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Dan Rhodes

Dan Rhodes, one of my writing heroes and unwilling mentors, has won the E.M Forster Award 2010.

Nice one Dan!!




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Working with Richard Hawley today.

He’s reading for the talking book version of ‘My Elvis Blackout’.

Everything you have read about about Richard is true.

A proper nice bloke, determined to get it spot on and real pleasure to spend some time with.

He’s read three stories for me, even though I originally asked him to read two.

He even sung a little bit on one.

If you want to hear the whole story..the app. will be out in August.

In the meantime..here’s an  ‘It’ll be Awight on the Night’  snippet.. an insight into what it’s like working with a real pro… and a rare chance to hear a successful recording artiste being patronised by an unheard-of author.

You can hear my voice on this one..and that’s the reason I ain’t going to read any of the stories.  I sound awful.

I always sound awful.

‘I’ll do it all again if you want?’



Good lad!!

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This is on John Self’s Asylum…


But I prefer this jacket to the one he’s used.

In fact I hate that other jacket.

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Richard Hawley

I’m so pleased.

Richard Hawley has very kindly agreed to be ‘Yorkshire Elvis’ for the app. version of My Elvis Blackout.

The recording process is  technical and complicated.

The junk room.. a  Zoom H2, a 20 quid  microphone stand and an ironing board.

I’m hoping Mr. Hawley can handle that level of audio sophistication.

The  ironing board was my mother’s wedding present in 1958.

That’s top-quality asbestos on the  left-hand end of that beauty.

Now that’s what I call  ‘analogue’.

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