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My brief for Grizedale Arts is to write an essay about dodgy Victorian polymath John Ruskin and Adrian Street.

Not a problem if you are a proper writer like wot i am.


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Doing a bit of work for Grizedale Arts today. This is the view from my window.

Very pretty and everything… trees/meadow/Lake Coniston/ more trees/ great big sticky-up bits of land interfering with the sky/clouds/aviation etc.

But where is the fags & beer shop?

They seem to have made a bit of an error in that respect of the landscape.

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Ahh well…

Crash Bang Walnut had a gig.

The ‘Celebrate Hoveton 2010’ debutĀ  BBQ bash is off.

I thought I had a drummer and a good mate.

Turns out I had neither.

Ahh well…Send in the clowns.

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Leaking Petrol

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